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Ideal T is a new construction system designed to reduce the exploitation of natural resources, focusing since the design phase at an easy recovery and recycling of materials. It results in a larger use of steel and in a reduced use of concrete. This system is also beneficial for energy efficiency as it reduces the consumption of the resources needed for heating and cooling.

Advantages at a glance


Recycling materials

Designed to emphasize environmental sustainability: “circular” economy based on the use and reuse of materials.



It consists of beams used in combination with other CAM beams, by a corrugated metal sheet and by vertical and horizontal panels.

Resistant System

Requirements of the Technical Standards NTC08 2008 and 2016 are met

Zero Impact

The buildings reach max energy efficiency, mandatory for new construction.


It can be used with the corrugated sheet and wood or with EPS and concrete. Both systems offer extreme lightness

Easy Installation

It is easy to assemble and allows to realize two floors, subsequent to the first, at the same time: saving time and money.

Acoustic Comfort

The use of materials, such as wood and the EPS, results in an improvement of the acoustic performance of the finished package.

Class A buildings

Use of specific vertical and horizontal infill that solve the problems due to the presence of thermal bridges

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